Worth Forrest - 11th October 2014

Nearly 18 months after my first foray into wild camping I had accrued some gear and was ready to head out a second time. Having gotten a GoPro a year or so before I made a video of our adventure which I hope sums it up but I'll write  a bit as well.

We met for a coffee and some porridge early in East Putney and planned a destination. This entailed looking at Google Maps on a phone for a big enough green patch that we hoped we could hide in. Ben as ever enticed by the thought of getting me to strip down to my underwear alone in the woods suggested a spot near Balcomb as there was some water we could swim in. Decision made we cycled off.

We never made it to the water but it pissed it down so we felt as though we had had a similar experience to wild swimming. Soaked through we sheltered in a pub with an over attentive, slightly manic and crazy eyed barman until we felt we'd drank enough to set up camp in a damp forest. We hadn't managed to get a fire going due to the rain and I hadn't gotten around to buying a decent sleeping so I settled down to a slightly chilly nights sleep.