Luxe Design Process

This post reflects my involvement in the Luxe Design process so I won't show the concepts put forward that I didn't work on.

We were initially asked to put together a couple of concepts with a few style frames each in a very short space of time (an afternoon). The two images below are what I created to portray the idea of using a mass of tessellating 3D stars to get across the points of the Luxe brand. The idea being that the a single star could protrude out in stereo to show the 3D capabilities, they could all undulate in and out to get across the sound, then a few other movements to show the remaining factors.

Pin Screen Concept 01

Pin Screen concept 02

They didn't go for the above idea so we started work on the chosen one. After a few weeks it was decided that it wasn't really the right direction for the intended purposes and we started over. This round we got a bit more time on the concepts though.

Again we put forward 3 ideas. The first was to have a huge expanse of space filled with giant metallic stars. We would do an edit around one of them, getting a feel for their monolithic size and taking full advantage of the stereo 3D. Then as the edit goes on we notice stars shooting off into the distance, eventually our star begins to pull back and a giant implosion happens sucking everything inside and out flies the Luxe logo.

Implosion Concept 01

Implosion Concept 02

Implosion Concept 03

The second idea I worked was a little of a reverse of the above. A speck in the distance and then hundreds of shooting starts begin to stream out. One rushes right by the camera and we pick it up and follow it, as we're rushing behind the star caught up in it's trail the letters of the Luxe logo fly from behind camera and everything rushes into place forming the logo. This is the concept they went for.

Explosion Concept 01

Explosion Concept 02

Explosion Concept 03

Click below to see the final animation with slightly bad sound.

Luxe Animation