Legendary Pitch

Over last Christmas (2013) Lipsync were asked to pitch early ideas for a refresh of the Legendary Logo Sequence. Thesewere the boards I was a part of putting together over a few late and festive evenings.


1. Light Labyrinth

The first idea was to follow a particle of light around dark and cold marble like corridors. As we followed it the walls began to absorb it's light and brighten up. The camera pulls up to reveal many of these particles flowing through the logo and illuminating the whole thing.


2. Elements

The second idea was to have the four elements flowing together that would solidify and become the logo. I wasn't so involved in these boards and only created the final logo where each quadrant showed a hint of colour from the original element. 

3. Inception

Our third and final idea was influenced by Inception and the idea that there is a lot more than meets the eye. Colossal pieces of the logo would be slowly coming together to form the logo but we start close in. From this point we can see all the impossible machinery behind each piece revealing all the parts of the machine that make Legendary/movies.