Real D

In early 2014 while at Lipsync we were asked to come up with a logo animation for a refresh of the Real D brand.

Concept 01 - Optical Energy

Side on schematic view

A visual journey that shows the power of light, passing through the 'machine' that is RealD, creating a magical display of abstract colour, shape and form.

Three streaks of coloured light emanate from an energy source. On their journey they hit a series of optical elements and explode into multi-coloured ribbons, that dance and form beautiful shapes and patterns. Hypnotic, freeform and unpredictable.

As the light hits the final lens in the sequence the ribbons transform into a pin point of light which injects luminance and energy into the glassy form of the crescents and Real D logo.


Concept 2 - Worlds of Imagination

Side on schematic view

What do the planets represent, who and what inhabits them?
In which galaxy or indeed which universe are we in?

From beyond a mountainous horizon, we see a bright white light. The light bursts into view like the sunrise revealing the crest of an icy, crystalline planet. As the planet absorbs the light, it becomes almost sun-like.

We follow this beam of light, as it traces a journey past 4 planets representing elemental forms of the world we know.


The light sparks life into a cold icy universe. It builds continents, seas, civilisations and ultimately feeds our technology.
As the light completes its journey, the planets align, creating a double eclipse that forms the crescents of the RealD logo.